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Herbs Zaporozhye TM

We offer you the best medicinal plants in Ukraine grown and reaped in the ecologically clean conditions. Our company was started in 2011. At present we deal with medicinal plants cultivating and storage in a wild-growing form, preparing of herbal teas as well as designing and manufacturing of medicinal plants handling equipment. Having a years-long work experience we realize how important it is to get products of high quality, that is why we try to do our best to satisfy our clients’ needs to the greatest possible extent.

We store about 100 plants in a wild-growing form. Medicinal plants raw material harvesters and farmers being our longstanding partners help us in this process by cultivating different kinds of medicinal plants on their farmlands. All of the farmlands are situated in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine on both banks of the river Dnipro. Trying to maintain the high quality of products, we demand that the raw materials provided by our suppliers corresponded to all the ordinances and standards.

Among our clients there are big and small pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine as well as herbal centers, shops and online stores. Besides that, in 2013 we entered the foreign market and since then we have been exporting our products to some of the European countries.

We constantly work on improvement fake and modernization of the technological process of medicinal plants raw materials production, so we have designed and manufactured some kinds of special equipment. First of all, it is a PM1,7 reaping machine for camomile flowers reaping. Besides that, we manufacture hand scoops for camomile and marigold reaping and we constantly work on development of the new kinds of equipment as well.

We invite our clients to partnership in the area of wholesale supplies comprising medicinal plants raw material, herbal teas, herbal repertories and, of course, medicinal plants handling equipment.

Dear colleagues! We invite you to mutually profitable cooperation!