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Herbal center of Yevhen Tovstukha


Kyiv region, Yahotyn, 18, Hyrych Street

At the beginning of the 90s under the guidance of the National Research Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of Bohomolets’ National Medical University for the first time ever officially in the world practice “The Author’s Herbal Center of Academician Yevhen Tovstukha” was created. It is an establishment giving therapeutic and preventative help by means of herbal therapy methods. In our activity we use about 70 kinds of medicinal plants growing on the territory of Ukraine but which mostly are represented by relic declining species not being storaged by most part of medicinal plants raw material harvesters. It is a great pleasure for us to acquire a reliable partner represented by “Herbs Zaporozhye” TM owing to which we have a sustainable stock of such unique plants as marshmallow and tormentil roots, plants of moneywort, juniper, cockshead, foalfoot, silvery cinquefoil, alfalfa, fruit of hawthorn and many other plants. We express our great thanks to “Herbs Zaporozhye” TM for supplying our herbal center with medicinal plants of the best ecological quality. We wish you great success in all your endeavors!

Deeply grateful, academician Yevhen Tovstukha