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Perlyna Polissya TM


10003, Ukraine, Zhytomyr, 96 Shchorsa Street

“Perlyna Polissya” TM has been closely cooperating with “Herbs Zaporozhye” TM for a long time in the area of medicinal plants raw material harvesting and purchasing for our own production. During this time “Herbs Zaporozhye” TM has proved to be a consistent, responsible and, furthermore, reliable partner. Raw material of high quality, its processing on an agreed basis, on-time delivery, decency and responsibility in the financial aspect are the key characteristics of “Herbs Zaporozhye” TM. Considering the lack of stability in the Ukrainian raw material market it is rather difficult to find a regular and consistent supplier. But we have found “Herbs Zaporozhye” TM being one of such few suppliers. In this vulnerable time we wish every manufacturer to be able to find suppliers of that kind.

Executive director of “Perlyna Polissya” LLC PCC                                        Y.V. Tomarovych