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We invite harvesters from all over Ukraine to partnership as well as farmer organizations willing and able to cultivate medicinal plants. Our experts will provide necessary assistance in the process of medicinal plants harvesting and cultivation at all the stages of technological process. Besides that, since September 2014 our consulting line has been working on the site where our experts will help you choose the right medicinal plant sample compliant with your conditions, work out the technological process of cultivation and business plan as well.

On “Medicinal plants reaping calendar” page you may find out about the best periods for harvesting of medicinal plants of different kinds. The calendar is constantly updated by efforts and profound knowledge of experienced harvesters, so if you want to share any information concerning the periods of medicinal plants harvesting at first hand, email it on the following address: travizaporoja@gmail.com. Your information will be considered without fail.

The partnership conditions are quite simple:

             1. Agreement of the raw material checklist as well as of its possible quantity.

             2. Conclusion of the supply agreement.

             3. During the harvesting process and straight before delivery procedure of each batch the supplier is obliged to provide a sample for analysis.

             4. Depending on the analysis results delivery is either confirmed or rejected. Only at this stage the supplier can remove all the drawbacks, for example, to complete the raw material drying or to remove any organic impurities.

             5. Delivery.

             6. Payment.

We stick to:

             1. The raw material compliance with the requirements of the regulatory document by all criteria.

            2. Prohibition of toxic chemicals usage in the process of medicinal plants cultivation and harvesting in the areas exposed to industrial pollution.

Our experts constantly attend harvesting and cultivation areas, harvesters’ bases and give advice on raw material reaping.

For any further information contact:

+38 (067) 993-64-54, , +38 (061) 228-05-01


You will be able to download a list of purchased raw materials, current needs, and a questionnaire for new suppliers by the links below.

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