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ADVERT: From the date of 1st Feb 2016 only wholesale purchases can be processed on the site. Retail orders are accepted via online store of medicinal plants “Phitoskryn’ka”.

Birch, buds
  • Birch, buds

Application: is recommended when having edemas of cardiovascular origin as a diuretic remedy, cholagogue remedy when having liver and biliary tracts diseases as well as when having bronchitis, tracheitis as a disinfectant and expectorant drug, is also used for hygienic and therapeutic baths and when having malignant tumors of gastrointestinal tract. Although, it is contra-indicated when suffering from insufficiency of kidney function as it might cause irritation in kidneys with its resinous substances.

Preparation mode: birch buds broth is prepared with 10g of buds for 1 glass of water, then it is boiled for 15min and strained through a gauze. It is recommended to take 1 table spoon 3 or 4 times a day if having diseases listed above.

Contra indications: birch remedies are not allowed to be taken when being treated with penicillin. Birch buds are not used when suffering from insufficiency of kidney function.

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